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Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps


Pink Salt Lamp in Natural Shape is most liked and highly demand from around the globe. Golden bricks mine best grade pink salt chunks from himalayas and manufacture high quality salt lamps and export it all over the world.


Gray Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps


Natural Cut Grey Himalayan Salt Lamp gives a effective but downcast statement, while placed in bedroom or living space. The special grey color of this particular lamps comes from a rare mines of Himalayas. This idiosyncratic gray color of these salt lamps is due to minerals in the salt.


White Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps


The white Himalayan salt lamps are alluring and a perfect selection for home and office decor. These white Himalayan salt lamps reveal the natural beauty of Himalayan salt. These white salt lamps are unique artifact that brings white glow softness and calmness in your homes or offices.