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Himalayan Rock Salt Chunks & Fine Grain Combo Pack (White & Dark Pink)


➡️ GANGJI Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Chunks (1kg)

➡️ GANGJI Himalayan White Rock Salt Fine Grain (1kg)

➡️ GANGJI Himalayan Dark Pink Rock Salt Fine Grain (125g)

Health Benefits:

➡️ Controls Blood Pressure.
➡️ Aids Digestion.
➡️ Improves Heart Health.
➡️ Helps Skin Texture.
➡️ Balance Blood PH.


Gangji Himalayan salt is Natural Rock Salt for cooking, Free of any chemical additive, high in minerals(up to 82) & trace elements, low on sodium content, multiple health benefits in controlling heart ailments, digestive disorders Flavoring, Sprinkling, Baking, Preservation, Cooking, Pickling

Storage Instruction:

Store In Cool, Dry Place, Away From Sunlight.


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